Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Playing God

Playing God

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For you, brothers, were called to freedom. Only do not turn your freedom into an opportunity to gratify your flesh, but through love make it your habit to serve one another- Gal 5:13

Man's quest for Freedom

In the history of mankind, man’s quest for freedom started early as Biblical times when people of Israel led by Moses exiled from Egypt to escape the tyranny of the Pharaoh. Today’s modern civilization, there’s seems to be an over exaggeration of this freedom. Man creates laws to ensure that right for freedom is protected. However, man seems to over exercise this freedom narrowing the boundary between sanity and lunacy. In Thailand, people blocked the street and padlocked an international airport to remove an official perceived to be an extension of the previous exiled leader leaving many foreign tourist and transit passengers stranded inside the airport. In the US, people are protesting on the streets to condemn an Attorney General who wants to overrule the law of same-sex marriage. In Europe, a man legally has changed his gender to female, altogether with his sex organ through surgical means. In China known to have a problem of overpopulation, abortion is tolerated or sometimes legally administered in the hospitals, both government and private.

In the Philippines, lawmakers are pushing the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill to be passed as law providing freedom of choice for women whether to conceived or not conceived. The Church is strongly opposed to the proposed bill as it is against God’s law. The lawmakers argued that the RH Bill still does not support abortion but there lies the problem of unparallel understanding on the basic definition of abortion. On the other hand, some hardliner women organization strongly condemned the position of the Church calling them hypocrites and blind to real plight of the poor. However RH Bill, whether passed or rejected, the sight of unborn fetuses dumped everywhere is just a familiar scenario across the country discovered inside clay pots, in the dumpsite or even inside the Church.

Playing God

There is nothing wrong for the quest to be liberated so as to enjoy freedom. However, mankind exaggerated this freedom that we enjoy. We wanted to be free to do anything that pleases us to the point that pushes us to the limit of right and wrong. We cried when this freedom is suppressed and we become bolder to quench the need to be free. We demand more than what not ought to be for us men but that of God. We terminate life inside a mother’s womb because we wanted to enjoy the freedom of choice as if playing the role of God, deciding who will live and who will not. We defile our neighbor’s bed because we wanted to gratify our lust for flesh, thinking that sex is a privilege rather than as gift from above. We acknowledged and even supported the union of homosexual for the reason that love conquers all. We divorced our spouse to marry another only to have it divorced the next day. We prefer to enjoy living without the sanctity of marriage out of convenience.

We are all really descendants of Adam and Eve. Both deceived by the serpent to eat the forbidden fruit to have the same wisdom as God only to be casted away from the garden. The first humans that crossed the limit of the Creator and His creations.

How long are we going to offend God because of our foolish and sinful ways of enjoying freedom?

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