Saturday, May 24, 2008

ACCEPTING REJECTION WITH KINDNESS ( The Beginning of Renaldo Lapuz Mania )

With the last remaining money in his pocket, Renaldo Lapuz upon his friends’ urging and motivation flew from Reno, Nevada to Dallas,Texas to audition at the 7th Season of American Idol . He was 44, and 16 years over the ceiling age limit of 28 and the contest organizers were so pleasant to let him still try it out upon knowing he had just paid a one-way ticket with his last dollar.

He knew it was like going through a pin hole to move to Hollywood because of his age but as soon as he went into the audition room attired in a dress to impress flashy silver cape, furry white embellishments, and feathery white hat that had Simon’s name printed on it he was given his moment in the glare of publicity to sing his self composed contest piece “ We’re Brothers Forever”

Simon Cowell known for his incautiously straightforward and often provocative critiques, slurs, and witticisms about contestants and their singing abilities was unimpressed at first but later on requested Renaldo to sing anew and waved his hands as fellow judges Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and host Ryan Seacrest joined singing amusingly altogether with Renaldo on stage.

After Renaldo’s number Simon commented: “I'm going to make a prediction here. I have a horrible feeling that it's going to be a hit record. You're very entertaining. I actually like you but it's going to be 'No.'" Renaldo without second thought smiled and moved toward to Simon to shake his hand. Simon hugged him while patting his back. What can we take from here?

Some people think what Renaldo did was appalling and shameful . But few people realized what important values Renaldo have partaken to the whole world. He merely wanted to imply the lyrics of his song that we are brothers regardless of belief, race and ethnicity. When Simon eliminated him , he accepted it with grace and smile on his face and acknowledged Simon’s kindness for giving him the chance to finish his song in front of millions of people watching. He said: “ Simon, you are a great person. You give chance for people to sing for the whole world. You are Heaven’s chosen to give chance to any talent FREE OF CHARGE . Even if there are many people who throw you negative words, there are many people who like and admire you. You are a great person Simon.” Unlike other American Idol aspirants who trash talked after being rejected, Renaldo did the other way and earned the peoples' respect and admiration. Chris Tyler said : “How you react to rejection is important. It is not the rejection of others that truly affects us, the problem occurs when... that rejection by others causes us to "reject" ourselves.” On Renaldo’s part, he whole heartedly accepted it, showed his gratitude, kindness , humility and the courage to try . . . and he smashed it big!

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