Tuesday, May 27, 2008


A man was standing in a bus waiting station for a ride. He was getting too impatient for he thought he had waited too long. Then he saw a bus already full of people coming. He waved his hands and yelled at the driver but the bus did not stop. So he ran after the bus thinking the driver might have a second thought of giving him a hitch but was ran over by a speeding truck instead and died instantly. Momently, a new bus with few people aboard stopped at the station.

What can we take from here? Some people think waiting is a waste of time . Patience doesn't not come innately in a person nor it can be developed instantaneously. Its just like building up a puzzle, you have to work on every pieces of it. Truly, patience is waiting but not inactively and unresponsively . That is laziness and inadequacy of self control. The art of patience is doing something else in the meanwhile to practice ones concentrated strength and prevent boredom and anger to set in. Can you just imagine if the world lives without it? Humanity will be in total chaos and anarchy will rule . One minute of patience they say is worth ten years of peace. Our world will be in total darkness if Edison lost his patience in inventing the light bulb. Would the summit of Mt. Everest be reached or the depth of the Mariana Trench fathomed? Would the English Channel be crossed or Neil Armstrong set his footsteps on the moon? Would every great dreams come true for impatient and anxious dreamers and achievers? Patience serves as a fortification against wrongs as hat do against the heat of the sun. For you wear a thicker hat on your head the heat have no power to harm you. Patience is like waiting an egg to be hatched. You cant get a chick by simply crunching the egg. Or a woman waiting for her baby who sleeps for nine months in her womb to be born. Patience is unpleasant, it is self- suffering for others, but it is a fortitude that sustains things with tranquil but mighty HOPE. Patience is the art of hoping, that life is all about timing and waiting. To reach the out-of-the way, to make the unavailable obtainable, or to accomplish and conquer the unattainable. All human understanding and knowledge is summed up in two words - wait and hope and the key to patience are acceptance and faith. Take things as they are, and look sensibly and rationally at the world around us. Believe in ourselves and in the direction we have chosen. All nice things come to he who waits. If you are lured to lose patience in yourself and with others; stop and ponder how patient God has been with you and all of us. Gautama Siddharta Buddha, Hindu Prince and founder of Buddhism quoted: “ The greatest prayer is patience”. Patience is a virtue not found in most of us but if we can just follow our hearts through God’s will, everyone can posses it and make beautiful and happy faces!

 ROM 12:12  Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

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