Thursday, May 22, 2008


I know it's pretty late but living in a house that is not yours and not having internet makes it rather difficult to keep up to date with posting. But it's here and it's posted so let's get started!

I would like to brag my pride and joy. The fruit of three years of marriage Meet Kari Natania.

It was never planned. I wasn't going to rush until I turn 28. But I guess God answers your prayers. I'll never forget my covenant with Him to give me our child whenever He sees fit. So I guess this time is the time He sees fit^_^ I didn't even know I was pregnant. In fact, my mum and my sister knew it before me, since they saw the difference in my countenance (!)

Moving few weeks backwards, me and my husband went to this Christian store to splurge (yes, splurge!), and the two shopkeepers started talking to us. We had a good talk and we prayed to each other. When it was the woman's turn to pray, she prayed for our baby - we didn't know I was pregnant - and for my husband's health, although he wasn't sick. Then we parted ways. Later on, my husband had apendisitis, so he had to be rushed to the hospital to get rid of this body part.

Meanwhile, my mum and my sister convinced me to get a pregnancy test to see if I am pregnant. They kept pestering me since I was getting dizzy and a bit nauseous at work. So I did anyway, and straight away I saw the two red lines saying I am pregnant. Indeed I was shaking. And I showed to to my husband when we went to visit him in the hospital. And with his exact words everytime he will tell the story "the first thing I saw when I woke up was those two red lines..." ^_^

For those who think being pregnant is easy and fun either don't have a clue or, if they've been through it, will be the object of my envy. To be honest I never enjoyed my pregnancy at all. I was always nauseous, always tired, always moody - well, actually it was an emotional rollercoaster. And after what I've been through all they way to giving birth, and even after that, I always stress to my husband that we will NOT have another one until Kari's at least two. Even so, if I have it my way, I will wait until Kari's in school.

Nevertheless, I am grateful and indeed blessed with my precious girl. She is my bundle of joy.

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