Saturday, May 23, 2009

I want to Grow Old with You

Barely 2 days before my scheduled flight back to Saudi Arabia, we packed our things and I tug along my entire family to an overnight stay in one of the hot spring resorts in Laguna. Had I agreed to the initial plan, it could just be me and my wife but I relinquished the idea for I couldn’t imagine having spent my remaining days in the Philippines without my kids by my side.

We left Manila Saturday morning and arrived at our destination by noon. Just after we checked in, my children wasted no time and immediately headed to the pool for a lazy afternoon soak. The hot water coming from a natural hot spring couldn’t stop my children from wading in the waist-deep kiddy pool. Mindless of the steaming water and the punishing heat of the sun we enjoyed the lazy afternoon, soaking our tired bodies to the pool relieving us from the stress of travel. What I like about the place is its natural tranquility and most of all is the location having been partly hidden thus making us enjoy most of our family bonding in privacy. The guests in the resort were mostly teenage sweethearts and a Chinese couple in their senior years. The couple spent most of their times taking pictures of the sceneries. I can’t help but admire them that despite having been together for a long time and yet still enjoy each other’s company.

Dinner time came and we tried the house specialty of the day; beef in sweet sauce, chicken teriyaki and pasta ala carbonara. We were in the middle of our dinner when we were approached by this elderly couple with the husband politely asking our permission if he can have our picture taken together with his wife. We agreed on his invitation and we all posed with a smile on our face as if we knew each other well. The husband, who can speak decent English and good accent offered to send us the pictures and I didn’t think twice in giving him my e-mail address.

After that dinner, we continued wading in the pool while I lazily rested my body on top of the floater still thinking about this elderly Chinese couple. I imagined me and my wife on our twilight years and still enjoying each other’s company. Isn’t it lovely to see an elderly couple holding hands in reminiscing good old memories of their yesteryears? They almost had it all and I’m sure they had surpassed the days of trials in their married life and proved to be successful in playing good music together.

As for me and my wife, though we still have so many challenging years ahead of our marriage relationship, I pray for us to reach that stage where I still hold your hands even though my hands are shaking due to rheumatism. I pray that we could still be together holding your hands while crossing the street with the flow of traffic in full halt waiting for us to cross the street inch by inch. I pray that we could reach the stage where I will ask who you are and yet holds your hand. I don’t mind holding your hands full of wrinkles, for me, it’s still the hands that take care of me and our children. Really, I don’t mind it at all for all I know is that I want to grow old with you.

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