Thursday, February 5, 2009

Marriage – Why Fix If It’s Not Broken

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We value and take good care of things we considered useful and important to us. Things like house, cars or even cellular phones and other techie gadgets are our most valuable possessions that we can’t live our life without. We regularly keep it in good conditions so that they can be of good use to us at any given time. Sometimes, failing to fix it properly or at the very least; before anything goes wrong bring us more harm than good; cost-wise and convenience.It also goes without saying with marriage.

When our group hosted a Marriage Encounter Seminar, the hardest part of it was neither logistics nor coming up with our target participants, but it is getting couples to say “yes” to our invitation. Unavailability, time constraints and work preoccupations were some of the “polite” reasons of them in turning down our invitations. But the sad and lame reason that we got so far was this: “Why the need to attend a marriage enhancement seminar? We don’t have any problem in our marriage? None at all, so why the need?”

Most of our lifetimes were spent in making our self good; physically and mentally. We spent about half of it for our intellectual development needed to sustain our career or perhaps our dreams and ambitions. We devote considerable time as well for our physical conditioning in order to live a life longer so as to enjoy whatever luxuries we possessed. But how much time you’ve spent (if any) maintaining your marriage?

Marriage, like any other priced possessions needs certain “maintenance” in order for it to grow. Love provides nourishment to our marriage that will enable it to grow more into becoming a matured and secured. The “quality and amount” of effort put by both partners in making their relationship work defines the readiness of their relationship to go to the next level. Marriage, like learning is a never-ending cycle of progress. One must not cease in finding new ways in making his or her partner happy. Expression of love doesn’t goes out of style. However, love just re-invents itself to adopt the ever changing ways of how one expressed it.
Without the mutual effort and concern from both partners, a marriage relationship will succumb to its normal “wear and tear” to the passing of times. Definitely, you don’t need to wait for your marriage to be broken before deciding to fix it, unless you wanted to bear the high cost of terminating it.

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