Sunday, March 30, 2008

From The Creator’s Hand Comes Every Masterpiece

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When I was a child, my mother would always ask me to go to the pottery shop to buy vases for her orchids and flowers. My usual trip to the ceramics gallery will not be completed without visiting first the shop’s production area. It was really amazing to see how pots were transformed into a work of art from its once clay form. But the thing that I treasured most was the life’s lesson learned from the potter. How he had explained to me the similarity between a pot and human was something I will never forget.

It all started one afternoon while watching the craftsman doing his work. I asked him how hot the furnace that he operates. “Very hot!” was the man’s reply. “Then, it’s a pity for all these pots to be put inside that furnace?” as I asked him. “Pot is like a human, both created from dust and to dust both shall return,” the man said. “But we could not be like pot for we will die if put inside that furnace?” was my reply to the man. The man replied, “You see boy, it’s the heat that makes the pot stronger. It could be very difficult for the pot to bear the heat but once he’s done, he could be tougher even you pressed him so hard.” “But how come it still breaks when you drop it to the floor; he’s not that tough, though?”I quipped. The man answered back, “That’s because the pot falls into the wrong hands.”

In our lives come inevitable difficulties that we must face. It is these adversities that make us stronger and tougher. It is our capability to survive life’s toughest test that improves our resiliency to face a much stronger problem. However, no matter how tough we thought ourselves but if we fall into the wrong hands, like pots, we will break into pieces. Pride and arrogance are the deadly hands of sin that depart us from the ways how God wanted us to live our lives. Pride is what makes us rely on our own understanding. Arrogance is what makes us think that we should live our lives freely that we don’t need to be told what to do in our lives.
We are all God’s masterpiece for into Thy hands that we were created. But we could only be as good as His masterpiece if we remain in Him for He gives us knowledge and understanding to learn His commands and not breaking it. Lest we forget that no one knows us better than the One who created us. Can a mortal be more righteous than God? Can the pot be more pure than his maker?

Greatness of a masterpiece can only be at the hands of its creator.

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