Saturday, March 29, 2008

MISSING MHS THREE STOOGES (A Letter from Flor Acuvera Batch '83)

Hi! there. Thanks for your message. It's flattering to know that you consider me as one of the cutest faces of Batch '83. But that was before when I'm still young and bubbly. Now, I've gained pounds from giving birth to two lovely and smart daughters. But I don't regret it because I know that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Right? You know what? One of the things that I missed most of our high school life is the composition of the THE THREE STOOGES of MHS. You know who are they: J.L.(Jessie Landingin), L.L. ( Lito Lumabas)and R.D. (Raymundo Dilag) sino pa nga ba? hahaha! you are so funny guys, I like your combinations, witty young, Limbas and Dilag. You always make people laugh even without doing anything, wthout talking, without exerting so much effort. Its so natural of the three of you. I like it when you were with your guitars and hit the stage to play something. I missed high school life so much. Good thing, there is friendster in which we can still have connection with each other. Hey, I am looking for more write ups from you or from any other batch mates of ours.l Jess, how can I post an announcement in our groups, I tried so many times but it doesn't reflect in the announcement. I want to be an active member of the group and I want to sign in always in the attendance with Mam Becky but just don't know how. You know, me, being a neophyte in this friendster thing. Actually, I was just being forced by my officemate to create an account with friendster. I have been hearing this for so long but i just ignored it because to my mind it is only for younger ones, for the bagets and teen-agers. But I was wrong pala, its for everybody pala. I've been looking for a way before how to contact my high school batch mates...ito lang pala ang sagot: FRIENDSTER lang pala. And now I'm addicted to it.

Well, i hope you could give me some advice on how to post an attendance and an announcement.Pasensiya na po sa haba ng message ko ha. God bless po.

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