Thursday, January 31, 2008


Knowing that my teenagers were in love doesn't bother me much. Although there is a worry that they might get into early family life but i trusted them very much. Maybe because i knew that my kids have their dreams and plans for their future, not only us, their parents. My kids are all intelligent, talented and studious, i have no problem when it comes to their studies and school projects and activities. They are very open to us, and even to their grannies. But they are hard headed sometimes, who isn't anyway?

My second child, Joey Boy as we call him, had a girlfriend named Mae. The girl was such a good girl, intelligent, and cute. As far as i knew, they were already ON for almost 7 months. When he gave me the news that he is in love and found his ideal girl, No negative reactions from me, instead i told him that they must take each other as inspirations and pursue their studies first, for them to have a good job before having a family (am i overreacted?) . On their occasions, like anniversaries, we were there preparing for the gift he will give to Mae. I don't feel like tolerating him, hehehe, im just happy coz my teenager is already inspired.

Last saturday, when i went home from week of work (from Angeles City), he welcomed me with "Ma, ayaw na sakin ni Mae." I wasn't bothered anyway, but i felt sad for my young boy. I told him: "Set her free kc kung yun ang gusto nya, you cannot force anyone to love you or like you either." Since he is disappointed, we had a never ending conversation about him and Mae.
Joey: Ma, kagabi lang ang saya pa nmin pero ng umuwi n sya sa knila, she texted me na ayaw n nya sakin. She wants dw a normal life. Anong gagawin ko?
E di, set her free nga. Kung di nya inexplain sayo ng husto kung bakit biglang ganun, sya lang ang nakakaalam. She's the only one who can answer your questions, if she felt that she doenst have a normal life as your girlfriend, eh let her be. Hayaan mo nlng sya kc masisira ang ulo mo sa kaiisip. It's not the end of the world!

Joey: Ma,mhihirapan akong kalimutan agad sya, first love ko sya at sabi nya first love din nya ko. Pano na?
Me: So what kung first love mo sya? at first love ka nya? It doesnt matter naman and kung talagang kau in the end eh kau p rin. Your paths will gonna cross again kung if you're meant for each other. Hindi ang First Love ang issue when you're looking for a partner in life someday. True and last love is the most important, though first love never dies.
Joey: Eh pano ko nga sya agad makakalimutan? eh mahirap mgmove on.
Me: Pano mo nalamang mhirap magmove on, eh di mo pa sinisimulan? Keep all the things that will remind you of her. The memories will there and di na mabubura yon, so just keep that & her as an inspiration.

I thought that will be the end of our conversation since he told me that "Okey ma, salamat! Ill try that." But when i was travelling to Angeles City for a week of work again, he text me and said that "Ma, talagang ayaw n nya sakin, anong gagawin ko?". I felt i was loosing my temper, but then i felt sad for my teenager. "Just bear in mind that it's her lost, not yours. Prove to her that you can go on with your life without her, wg mong pbbyaan ang studies mo kc ako ang magagalit sau. You are too young, and someday, time will come na makikita mo ang right girl for you. Wg kang magmadali, its just first love." Thank God, at tumigil na sya and he replied "Ma, thanks sa advice mo. Di ko pababayaan ang studies ko."
I felt relieved pero medyo worried kc my son is a teenager, and you know, first love is really important to them, like me before, hehehe. After comforting him, my headache lasted for 2 days

By: Maricel Fermin (Batch 84)

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