Monday, January 12, 2009

Why I'm (Still) Against Death Penalty?

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We all know that grass and weeds deprived protein that palay rice deserve most and for a farmer to have a bountiful harvest; he has to remove these weeds from the rice fields. Kaingin (field burning) is one way of clearing grass before the planting season, this method seems to be the fastest and easy way of clearing the fields of grass but there's bigger chance that grass will grow back. Another way of ensuring that the grass will not grow back is to ensure that grass are weeded out from its main roots, thus comes the popular problem-solving problem method employ by most learned people—Root Cause Analysis. This is to ensure that the problem is analyzed from its root and not superficially.

Death Penalty is somewhat equivalent to KAINGIN. While the punishment seems like forceful and swift but will not guarantee a long term solution to Coup 'd etat, rape, murder, corruption and other heinous crimes and cancers of our society. You cannot threaten somebody with an empty stomach. A hungry person knows one thing and has a one-track mind; that he will die if will not do something about his hunger.

Killing all these criminals will not eradicate this cancer of our society, UNLESS we deal with the very root cause of the problem. And you know what the root cause of all these problems is? Greed. If all of us can only learn how to moderate the greed that lives within us, no amount of worse punishment can curb these social cancer that enslave people not only in the Philippines but the world in its entirety. Now probably, you will be asking, “Then, how you will solve crimes if you are not in favor of Death penalty?"

In order for the Justice System to work in any country (not only in the Philippines), one should understand the 4 Pillars of Justice System.

Enforcement of Laws

No sacred cow and no one is above the law. Enforcers such as PDEA Major Marcelino are a living example of how enforcers will enforce the rule of law

Prosecution of the Offenders

Incorruptible prosecutors, zero tolerance to bribery. Prosecutors should be selected by an independent body such as JBC (Judicial Bar Council) and not presidential appointees

Judicial System

Did I say "NO TO BRIBERY?" People in the likes of Justice Hilario Divide, Jr. There are still people with integrity like him just waiting for the right moment.

Correction System

A penitentiary system that aims for complete rehabilitation of law offenders. No rich cow and no biased while in jail, NO VIP TREATMENT like what they extended to Claudio Tehankee, Rolito Go, Romeo Jalosjos, Ex-mayor Sanchez and the list goes on and on....and on.....and on

We don’t need DEATH PENALTY to deter crimes and we don’t need MORE LAWS for we have so many laws that are existing, just effective implementation of system is all we need to do. As I have said, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

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