Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Tree and its Fruit

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A University Professor in his e-mail reacted on a recent article I wrote concerning rich kids who had lost their ways in life and how parents at times consenting to it. His reaction ended with a question: “Would you let your child rot in jail if you have the money?”

I know the good Professor was just trying to challenge the paradigm of parent’s role in order to stir up our discussion. The fact that the Professor is teaching in this University famously known as the oldest learning institution in Asia, if not in the world, I’m sure he is up for something. I sent him a reply and what I told him is this: “A tree is known by the fruit it bears.”

This phrase painted the sad but true scenario in our present society. Gone are the days when parents imposed “curfew” to their children attending social gatherings and how a child could lose this privilege if he fails to abide by this rule. Gone are the days when parents are the first persons that children confide with issues that affect them; dreams and aspirations in life, successes and failures and even affairs of the heart. Nowadays, parent’s roles are relegated to simply a provider. There’s nothing wrong in giving our children nothing but the best, and who doesn’t want to? I grope for words to describe parent’s wishful thinking of giving in to all their children’s pleading. But sometimes, it’s what you gave that put your children where they are; either good or bad situation. But what is worst than seeing a parent doing exactly what a child ought not to do or see? Do you practice what you preach? A good tree bears good fruit and a bad fruit surely comes from a bad tree for no good tree will bear bad fruit.

Going back to the question; if would I let my child rot in jail if I have the money? Well, I will let the money rot in jail instead of my child. And the sure of way of doing that is for him not to do things that will put him in jail, otherwise, how would one learn the lesson if there is no difference in the consequence of doing right and wrong? As what the Lord said; “Resent not your father’s discipline for he treats you as his own in the same way as I treated you all as my sons.”

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