Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Men Give Love for Sex?

Are men really such a hopeless romantic? Do love just come out handy for men just to get the in-the flesh deal with women? Take a peek inside our mind so that you can understand the weird but lovable world of men.

It may be true to some extent for there’s just about a hairline difference between love and lust plus the fact that men are perverts. C’mon guys, let’s admit it. We are perverts. We think about sex 24/7 and we daydream about it, a lot of times. Ask your male friends if they keep with them pictures of nude women and I’m sure you will be me amazed on how they had managed to hide these in their PC’s – both still and moving images. We look at pictures of gross stuffs or weird moves that we’d never try in years. And it’s a fact that for a guy who has everything, try to give him the gift of porn and surely, he will never complain about it. Guy’s sexual ‘switch’ can be turned on easily by visual and will give anything so as to get the in-the-flesh deal anytime, but trust me; like animals, men have different sub-species too.

I’m neither a psychologist nor a sexologist but I know what turns me on alright? I can be sexually aroused when I’m visually stimulated and I’m sure that the same goes with other men. There is no other surprise for us than seeing a woman dancing seductively. This sexual tension drives us wild and in that situation, man is under the woman’s sex spell. A visually excited man has a one-track mind. That’s why we don’t notice your so-called flaws when you’re turning us on. But that doesn’t mean that a man will profess his undying love to that woman dancing seductively in her bra just to be in bed with her. Call us nuts but we knew when, where and to whom we will say I love you -- with or without sex. Trust me, men will never say “I love you” if we don’t mean it. We hold on to this endearing phrase so dearly, waiting for the right person and right moment. Most of all, we don’t want to be forced to say it, neither you right? If you do, chances are; we don’t.

On the other hand, there are men that despite how they loved their partner so much, yet don’t verbalize their affection especially when being prodded. It’s not that we’re incapable of romance nor insensitive to a woman’s feelings, we just hate being romantic on cue. Men expressed affection more in action than words, oftentimes through gifts and yes, you guess it right -- sex.

I have come to a few clear conclusions about us men. Here’s a peek into our private minds that surely will help you understand any man in your life.

Staring at other women doesn’t mean that we want to have sex

Sounds good to be true? Well maybe because 9 out of 10 men could not resist looking at other women. We’ve just been momentarily possessed by our visual stimulation in the same way when women stare by a window filled with gorgeous shoes. Do men wanted to have sex with those women right away if given a chance? Maybe yes but not a general conclusion in the same way as women will not surely buy all the shoes they saw on display no matter how gorgeous those pairs are.

Men look for two or more “special” girls

Men by nature are polygamous. Blame it to our biological imperative to “spread the seed.” If a man could live his perfect fantasy life, he would have a wife and a new fling whenever he felt like it. Most men say that they will cheat if there will be zero chance of getting caught. But there are those who don’t. Even if there were no danger of getting caught for they wouldn’t want to mess good thing they enjoy doing with their wives – love and good sex.

While we were inside our mother’s womb, maybe the placenta supplies not only the needed oxygen and food for us to live but also this thing called “ego”. This ego is what makes us think that we’re strong, successful and sexy, and part of that being sexy is being in the company of gorgeous women. Pathetic but true.

Sex, lust, love, either who comes first and who comes last, it doesn’t matter at all for they’re all seems interconnected in one way or another. And one’s own experience cannot be used as universal answer for this question for the verdict differs anyway between men and women. One thing is sure though; that a woman’s answer depends on her own experience with the man of her life, either good or bad, she will be in the best position to judge.

So if you will ask me if love just come out handy to me anytime? Just ask my wife.

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