Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why God allows suffering?

I was quite emotional these days because of the news that broke out a couple of days ago; Veterans Bank-UP Branch Robbery, ended with 3 people dead. Two security details and a Roving teller were all gunned down in broad daylight. I’m raging furious to know that evil people really exist. Evil beings who don’t want to live fairly but instead resolve to quick way to riches with total disregard to human lives. The Roving teller happens to be the father of my daughter's classmate in St. Scholasticas College. The victim's wife happens to be our co-parent in the current homeroom class under Grade 6 St-Odo. The husband and wife were our co-parents since Prep level up to now. We used to exchange Hi's and hello's every card distribution and school enrollment. My heart bleeds with the victim's wife and daughters, losing a loved one in this festive season where everybody is suppose to be in a merry making mood. But Christmas season or not, losing a love one altogether is very painful and it doesn’t have to experience one to know one. I was once in such situation; a month before Christmas, I almost lost my entire family due to a vehicular accident along Osmena Highway corner of San Andres Street, because of the irresponsible driving attitude of the cargo truck’s driver and that of the PUJ where my wife and three daughters were riding one Sunday afternoon while on their way to hear a mass. That very same instant, maybe was not yet their time to meet their Creator and I consider it more of a Divine intervention more than pure luck. But a week before that accident, on the very same highway, a former Philippine Senator didn’t get exactly the same luck as I got.

God allowing sufferings to some extent could be because of certain reason. Whilst difficult for us mortals to comprehend but only God knows it and I’m sure this is for our own good. While we can chose to live our life totally in pain brought about by the lost of our loved ones, or we could opt to choose of surrendering all our pains to God. Difficult it may seem but no one could share our grief and understand our pains more than Him.God communicates with us in so many ways. More often than not in the course of our lives, we only heed to this call when our life is at the brink or in a near death situation, or if we encounter failures in life or approaching the twilight of our days on earth. That's how God loves us. He never intervenes to our free-will. He just let us do our own thing in our own ways and not Him. Mankind hates to be reminded, we hate rules and we hate restriction of our freedom, we keep on wasting our lives living in the world of sin - an entity that separates us from God. And when everything from this effort fails, that's the only time we will realize to call upon Him, worst, curse and blame Him for the things that happened in life. Calling Him unfair for giving us nothing but unjust things. Oh, humans, when we will finally learn from our setting of wrong priorities – the love of money.

You cannot serve two masters at the same time; you will love one and despise the other. But at the end of the day, it is for this priority we had set while living our life on earth that we will all be judged. And I don’t think your money can buy you a good lawyer to save you when the time comes.

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